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Vietnam Volunteer Program



There are many reasons to promote Volunteering and Travel programs of Idex. If you don’t know them already, then let us look at these reasons under two categories. First, the business benefits and second, benefits to the heart( or soul, if you like) .

First, lets see why this is good for your bottom line :

  1. Volunteering and travel allows you to add a differentiator to your product portfolio. This is a niche product, and people are curious and interested in doing something like this – but are afraid to do it or don’t know someone who can organise it for them. This is where you come in.


  1. Its high value, allowing you to earn a nice margin. You can earn a nice margin on the program. ( And yes. Its completely ethical to do that. We will tell you why – just ask us).


  1. We make it really easy for you to set up these programs, market them, book customers and run them. This is what we do to make it really easy.
  1.  Set-departure programs with really great program content.
  2. No cancellation charge
  3. Detailed information on each and every aspect of the program.
  4. Product training ( via video and live calls).
  5. Fast response ( 1 day response guarantee for standard products, and 3 day guarantee for customised products).
  6. Monthly marketing information with real pictures, videos, testimonials which you can use directly in your business.
  1. Open up new market segments for you. Once you have stepped out of the routine of doing what you have always done ( and perhaps a lot of competitors in your market are doing), you will get a boost in imagination and creativity which will open up new sectors that you can reach out for growing your business.

Now, let us see how this is good for the heart.

They say that one of the best ways to be happy is to do something for others. Read on to see how, by promoting people to join these programs you are doing something for other people ( while getting benefits for your business.

You are :

  1. Helping travellers go on a travel, where they would get potentially life altering experiences – turning them into more responsible, conscientious and more successful travellers
  2. Through the volunteering travellers that you send, you are making a significant difference to the lives of communities and people that don’t have many opportunities.
  3. Creating long term benefits for communities by bringing people together in a responsible manner that will last for many years and generations in ways that we can not even imagine.

So, do an honest, decent business and make a difference in the live of people. That is something worthwhile.

How does this whole thing work ?

So how do we achieve all these lofty objectives of

  • great experience to the customers,
  • help to needy communities,
  • make a profitable business for you ( IDEX Distribution Partners) and
  • make a difference in the world.

Here is how this works

  • Idex identifies credible, worthwhile social projects where volunteers can contribute and have an enjoyable experience.
  • We then create the entire program from the time people arrive at the nearest airport and until the time they go back. We include volunteering, cultural activities, sightseeing, soft adventures to make it as much packed with the best experiences as we can.
  • We then put all this information together and share it with you (IDEX Distribution Partner) to promote in your markets.
  • When you book someone on our program, we give them all the detailed information that they need to prepare themselves and have a great experience.
  • When someone arrives on the program, they go through the exact program that was given to them and they have the time of their lives. During the program, we are always with the customers and communicating with them to resolve any issues that they have. This means, that once they are with us, you don’t hear from them ( unless you want to) and that means a lot of peace of mind for you.
  • And while all this is going on, we
    1. Are giving you the latest marketing information to promote the program.
    2. Giving you reports on how the volunteers are making a difference,
    3. And a number of other things that help you market and grow your business.

That’s it ! These are the broad points of how we, together with you ( IDEX Distribution Partners) do good business and make a difference in the lives of our customers and in the lives of people in needy communities.



Product Features – for the customer

There are many features in the program that would allow for a safe, immensely enjoyable and memorable experience for the customers. These are

  • Safety features (more details below)
    • All services from the time of arrival till departure included in the program. No need for customer to organise anything.
    • Licenced drivers and registered vehicles used for road transportation.
    • Accompanying Idex staff or representative, throughout the activities of the program.
    • High quality, hygienically prepared food for health safety.
    • Clean, safe water availability at the accommodation.
    • Extensive printed information before departure from home.
    • Orientation and training related to responsible behaviour and personal safety.
  • Convenience features include
    • Accommodation throughout the program at an accommodation facility with up to 4 participants per room with same gender and en-suite facilities.
    • 3 meals per day as per local cuisine (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the entire duration of the program. For exact meal plan, please refer to the day to day meal plan.
    • “Best available” internet facility in the area.
    • Presence and support on site by a English speaking translator and helper to ensure that work can be carried out effectively by the volunteers on a daily basis.


  • Volunteering experience features
    • Complete details of the project where the customer would be engaged in
    • A customised volunteering activity plan for the customer based on the best available project preference.
    • Every day support in planning activities and work for the next day at the project.


  • Travel and cultural Experience features include
    • Excursions during the program
      • 1 night, 2 day excursion to visit the TajMahal.
      • 1 night, 2 day cultural and trekking trip to McLeodganj – home to the Exiled Tibetan government and Tibetan Buddhist culture.
    • Cultural workshops and activities during the first 2 weeks of the program (subject to schedule changes) on
      • Local cooking demonstration.
      • Indian outfit and henna workshop
      • Yoga workshop (2 sessions)
      • Elementary Hindi lessons
      • Evening dinner and interaction with a local English speaking family
    • Local support and information to explore the local areas on your own during free time in the program.
  • Care and support features
    • Presence of a dedicated program coordinator at accommodation to support, resolve issues and help with regular enquiries.


Location and Accommodation

Location : Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City formerly named as Saigon. It is the largest city in Vietnam which is 13 kms far from Tan Son Nhat International airport. It was the capital of French Colony protectorate of Cochin china1862-1954 and South Vietnam the city lies along the Saigon River, to the north of the Mekong river delta about 80 kms from the South China Sea. It is an international tourist destination with a rapid growth. It is one of Vietnam’s most famous sea sidetowns and there are plenty of tourist attractions.

Facilities at Idex Accommodation

The following facilities make it a well-equipped and comfortable accommodation:

  • En-suite facilities
  • Recreation lounge
  • Free Internet
  • Dining Room
  • Television with satellite connection
  • Purified water
  • Fridge with small freezer
  • Hot Water
  • Laundry facilities: Clothesline & washing machine
  • Mini Library
  • Safety Lockers
  • Separate key for room
  • AC room with attached facilities




  • 1WEEK 1 Monday

    Arrival at Tan Son Nhat International Airport and transfer to Idex camp.

  • 2Tuesday

    Welcome meeting and orientation starts.

    • Orientation includes
    • Talks & presentations on:
    Vietnam& its culture
    Social development and the role of volunteers
    How to do volunteer work
    Project activities
    Cultural responsibility
    Personal safety & Code of Conducts
     General Local area

  • 3Wednesday to Friday

    • Project work starts with the daily schedule of volunteering, cultural activities and free time.
    • Local cooking demonstration on one afternoon.
    • One local dinner with a host family to experience everyday life of Regular Vietnamese people.

  • 4Saturday

    Free Weekend/ Optional weekend trip to Mekong Delta

  • 5Sunday

    Free Weekend/ Optional weekend trip to Mekong Delta

  • 6WEEK 2 Monday To Friday

    Volunteer Work with the daily schedule of volunteering and free time.

  • 7Saturday

    Free weekend/ optional visit to Mui Ne

  • 8Sunday

    Transfer to Tan Son Nhat International Airport after20:00 hrs. (Please refer to arrival and departure procedure for details)

A typical day

  • 1The schedule of the day depends on the type of project but below mentioned is just the brief outline of their normal day:
  • 27:00-8:00hrs : Breakfast at accommodation
  • 38:00-15:00hrs : Project work – Volunteering
  • 413:00-14:00hrs : Packed lunch – at projects
  • 515:00-16:00hrs : Preparation meeting/lesson planning for next day
  • 616:00-17:00hrs : Cultural workshops if any
  • 719:00-20:00hrs : Dinner at accommodation


Available Volunteering projects, Ho chi Minh – Vietnam

The following listed projects are available in our Vietnam location.

  • Teaching and education project
  • Helping and caring Elderly people:
  • Child Care (kindergarten/pre-school)
  • Care and supervision to Orphan children
  • Care & support to HIV suffering children
  • Health & Child care at Disabled centre

Following is a brief description to the type of projects that are available across various locations. Please refer to the chart below to find out which project is available at which location and all the requirements for the special projects.

Helping and caring Elderlypeople:

We are looking for people who are willing to make a commitment to help others who are less fortunate than they are. We want volunteers who are enthusiastic, like working as a team but who are also able to work alone.

These old age people are staying at the center. Some of them are disables physical and mental so they are not able to do their own activities by themselves. Our volunteer visits these old age center every day to improve the livelihood of these old age people. Comprehensive and individual care helps, support for their daily activities.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Assist to the Staff for daily activities on old age home.
  • Help the old people do their own activities.
  • Help the blind old age people to go outside and have their meal.
  • Help the disabled old age people for their daily activities.
  • Help them and teach them health and hygiene.
  • Help them to go to wash room and walk around the place.
  • Clean their room and dormitory.
  • Help them to arrange their belongings.
  • Feed the old age people who are not able to eat.

Child Care (kindergarten/pre-school)

Help the children who are from the under privileged community, families from below poverty line or labour & lower economic background families living in slums / country side and are not able to enjoy their right as a child.

Volunteers will contribute in a child’s cognitive, academic, emotional and social growth, Idex and its volunteers bring about some lasting and sustainable changes in their lives.

 Day to day activities may include:

  • Assist in mid- day meal.
  • Songs, rhymes, shape concept- coloring of different shapes.
  • Teaching with rhymes
  • Games and outdoor games.
  • Maintaining the growth charts of children.
  • Following the time table put forth by the center.
  • Psycho-motor development teaching.

Care and supervision to Orphan children

The Orphanage Centers are the prime sources for the needy & lower economic background families or the kids who don’t have family. These assistants used to take care of those children who don’t have their family or left by their family until their age 18 years old or till finish their school level education.

The volunteers will play the same role as the assistants do in the center. They take care of the children, play with them, health measurement of the children, fun activities with the children & other interesting ways of teaching to them. It helps the children to develop their mental & physical capabilities.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Assisting the staff in their daily activities.
  • Assisting to kids to do their homework.
  • Assist in mid-day meal- Teach table manners, eating together.
  • Songs, rhymes, shape concept- coloring of different shapes.
  • Teaching basic English/Maths.
  • Games and outdoor games.
  • Following the time table put forth by the center.
  • Sensory development teaching.

Care & support to HIV suffering children

Mat Tam Shelter is the platform of these Children who are suffering from HIV and they are far from their family and relatives, either they have their own family or they are orphans.

Volunteers will visit the center and take care of those kids,teach them in their free time,doing the recreational activities and be very close to the kids and don’t let them feel that they are suffering from HIV.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Assisting the staff in their daily activities.
  • Assist the teachers in distributing the supplements.
  • Assist in mid-day meal- Teach table manners, eating together.
  • Songs, rhymes, shape concept- coloring of different shapes.
  • Teaching basic English/help them in homework.
  • Games and outdoor games.
  • Following the time table put forth by the center.
  • Sensory development teaching.
  • Spending more time with kids.

Health & Child care at Disabled center

We are looking for people who are willing to make a commitment to help others who are less fortunate than they are. We want volunteers who are enthusiastic, like working as a team but who are also able to work alone.

These children are disabled physically and mentally and can’t go to school, can’t walk properly.They are not able to do anything by themselves. Every time they need the help and support of other people.

We have to give some important attention to handle such children.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Help and support the kids to do some activities.
  • Help them to eat and walk around.
  • Feed those children who are not able to eat.
  • Change their diapers and keep them clean all the time.
  • Help them to go wash room.
  • Make some recreational activities with kids so they feel relaxed and happy.
  • Teach them health and hygiene.
  • Teach them some drawing and arts.


Volunteers participate in educational enhancement for students of local communities specifically in the areas of English, Math, Art and Craft. In order to encourage more volunteers to participate in this program, we provide detailed workbooks and guidelines for teaching. The Idex volunteers help with the education of the children through creative, interactive teaching methods that make learning enjoyable. Imparting English language skills is extremely beneficial to children’s education and further employment.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Teaching English, Math and social skills.
  • Games and sports activities.
  • Teacher motivation and training.
  • Children attendance tracking.
  • First – aid training and fun/recreation activities.
  • To create play and learning atmosphere by teaching learning materials.

Program Date


Mekong Delta Excursion

  • The Mekong Delta extends South and West from Saigon to the Gulf of Thailand and to the border of Cambodia. It has an area of roughly 40,000 squares. The Mekong Delta is a vast maze of rivers, swamps and islands, home to floating markets, pagodas and villages surrounded by rice paddies. Boats are the main means of transportation.

Mui Ne Excursion

Mui Ne is a town along the South China Sea in Southeast Vietnam with a long, palm-lined beach; it has steady wind conditions (in the dry season) that make it a top destination for windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing and other water sports. Mui Ne’s long beach is quiet and serene, great for walks, jogging and spectacular sunsets

Policies and Procedure

Arrival Procedure

  1. All arrival from 2018 Idex offers the pick-up in a window from 10 AM on the start date of the program until 6 AM on the following day ( Day 2) of the program.
  2. Arrival pickups outside of these times are available on extra charges.
  3. Check in at accommodation is available from 12 noon on Day 1 of the program, even though, it’s our attempt to have the customers, checked in at the accommodation, as early as possible.
  4. Customers are to exit from departure gate and wait outside of exit gate at Nhat International Airport.

Please advise all your customers to look for the Idex logo  instead of finding their personal name when searching for the airport pickup representative

Departure transfer procedure:

  1.  Airport transfer on departure is available from 8 PM on the 2nd last day of the program (for ex, Day 14 in case of 2 week program) until 10 AM on the last day of the program (for ex, Day 15 in case of 2 week program).
  2. As per the new transfer structure, the departure transfer will be available at gaps of 2 hours and the customers will be asked to take the most convenient transfer for them. The available departure times will be: 8 PM, 10 PM, Midnight, 2 AM, 4 AM, 6 AM, 8 AM and finally at 10 AM.
  3. Departure transfers outside these times or schedules are available on extra charges.
  4. During departure, check out time from the accommodation is 12 noon on the last day of the program (for ex, Day 15 on a 2 week program).

Important: all the program and services are available as per schedule only. If any deviation or reschedule occurs and such would cost extra to organize, then it will be charged extra to the customers. We are not able to do any settlement or reimbursement against any unused services.




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