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Overall Rating

i had a nice stay for three weeks in Jaipur with Idex. The staff is amazing, the location of the house too. The volunteer work itself is good. I was at a school where there were already two teachers but the volunteers do the work and give English, maths or computerclasses. Jaipur is a lovely city with many sightseeing's that you must see.Read more...

Fatti Niromand

Overall Rating

It was very nice to be here! I learned alot about Sri Lanka and the culture and how the people live here and think. It was so beautiful to see the kid in the Day care and be with them. I loved the food and the nature and the people here in Sri Lanka and I hope that I will come back someday.Read more...

Donna Perreau

Overall Rating

I have had 5 weeks in Sri Lanka, four weeks of which were with IDEX. I have volunteered in the School and Childcare programs. The school holidays / New Year was in the middle of this time, so IDEX organised me to join in on one of their 9 day tours. I have had a great time here. We are well supported by Chathurika with planning and support for the teaching, and Lakmini in her role as Manager. Manori makes wonderful meals, and is patient while I follow her in the kitchen, getting recipes from her. The ladies who work...Read more...

Massimo Camnasio

Overall Rating

Idex role is to put in contact the volunteer with the association that works on the field and provide the transfer from the accomodation to the project camp -which is good. In my case the association was "help in suffering". They rescue animals from the street to sterilize them and, if they receive a call, to cure them. All animals are put into cages to be cured and this is definetely bad. They often have a very little space to move and the cages must be cleaned often. Dogs are in the worst conditions. They receive cures but they never...Read more...

Naomi Krause

Overall Rating

I loved the people at the actual project I worked at, the women were wonderful and eager to learn. Idex housing felt safe and the staff was helpful. Weekend excursions through Idex though are much more expensive than other outside travel agencies.Read more...


Overall Rating

I stayed in Chiang Mai for two weeks. I had the possibility of celebrating the Song Kran Festival, Thai New Year, and this let me know more about Thai culture. I also visited many temples here in the city and also in Lampang and Lamphun. I appreciated everything I saw and visited but the thing I liked the most is the volunteering with children, of course, the main reason I came here. I taught them some English, but I also learnt something from them. I didn't just give something, I received as well: I learnt how to be happy with...Read more...

Friederike Cloeer

Overall Rating

I stayed in Jaipur for almost six weeks and I enjoyed every day here! The staff at Idex is very friendly and helpful and the people who permanently work in the animal shelter are the sweetest people you will ever meet! They made working there so much fun and it was a great experience to assist them and care for the animals. It took some time to get used to the work, but it was definitely a rewarding experience!Read more...

Gabriel Menetrie

Overall Rating

That was a great time, I`ve been at the teaching program for 3 weeks, Idex team and the Team at school helped me a lot so i could do a good job there, people here are very humble, kind and nice, I really enjoyed.Read more...

Martina Unger

Overall Rating

It was really a wonderful stay here at the idex camp. I made the experience trip of 14 days and I had an incredibly great time with it. All the people were very friendly and I was able to get see very different sides of Sri Lanka. All the people I met were very nice and helpful. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to teach at school because I just had two weeks to stay here. The idex program will remain to me in very good memory, which I can only continue to feel.Read more...


Overall Rating

I like the travel a lot and also the Work Experience in Jaipur.Read more...

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