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Suheid Rivera

Overall Rating

Thanks for being the best staff, you are so kind!! For the Project, AMAZING I'll recommend to my friends.Read more...

Lina Jonsson Ebba Johansson

Overall Rating

We are really happy about our trip with Idex volonteering. We had a great time both at the camp and at our projects. It was a bit hard in the beginning with the lesson planning and to learn how to take own responsibility, but it all worked out in the end. We have learned so much during this experience and everyone in the staff has been amazing.Read more...

Lauren McBriarty

Overall Rating

Great accommodation, better food and even better staff! The staff are always very helpful and respectful and ensure you have a good time. The projects are very rewarding and provide a good cultural insight into the local culture of Colombo.Read more...


Overall Rating

Overall, things really have been great. All the staff have been very nice and committed to their work. Accommodation and food have been great. Have meet some incredibly nice people and shared many good times with the other volunteers. The work has been very interesting and rewarding, the students have been nice and welcoming. There is of course room for some improvement, however, specifically in the classroom. I really do believe that the students would benefit from more structured lessons, and more structured lesson planning. I think that maybe the teachers should consider doing more repetition in class. One day...Read more...

Kim Ruck

Overall Rating

The kids were just awesome!! I had such an amazing time here in Sri Lanka. When I arrived everybody welcomed me so friendly. The children directly came to me very interested and already after 5min the ice was broken and we sang and danced together. I was able to teach them some letters, numbers, animals, body parts and family members. The cutest thing ever was their reaction on my last day...before I left 10 kids came to me and gave me kisses. But maybe it was because I gave all of them a little present (clothes, candy, toys) before. That...Read more...

Sarah Bell

Overall Rating

The volunteering was for 4 hours each morning in a day care center for about 8 2 year olds, which increased to 30 when the 5 year old arrived from class. There was lots of opportunity to play with lots of little people which was fun.Read more...


Overall Rating

great experience with IDEX in Jaipur the word "thank you'is a word whit none synonymous in nearly any languages, is a word directly with a clear meaning. I only can i say Thank you so muchRead more...

Saga Sneitz-Bjoerkman

Overall Rating

I've had a plesent stay here at Idex camp in Goa. I've also been well taken care of. I have no complains and nothing more to add.Read more...

Natalie Dennis

Overall Rating

IDEX has been a really good experience for me, although I booked the trip thinking that it was a big group experience month it is in fact far more personnal. I learnt a lot about myself and feel confident now that I could travel again alone. The experience week is well planned and the driver you have picks the best hotels close to points of interest on the trip. You see so much of Sri Lanka in such a short space of time its fantastic. However people need to realize that IDEX is a person programme and although it is...Read more...


Overall Rating

I've been to Bali and Vietnam before this trip and if I should choose which one I choose Sri Lanka. Everything has been so good. Really! I worked at one school for 4 weeks and the kids was really kind and happy. They really wanted to learn English and they was always happy to see me and what kind of exercises we had. Chathurika and I had so much fun during the work. The teaching was so powerful and funny, good for me as well. The classroom could be bigger for the bigger kids tho but I understand that maybe...Read more...

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