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Megan Bird

Overall Rating

Teaching at Monte hill has been nothing but fun! The kids are all lovely and welcoming and Serina who helps with lesson planning is lovely and always ensures we are clear with what we are teaching. Beverly has been helping with the class I have been teaching and Its been a pleasure teaching with her.Read more...


Overall Rating

It was really rewarding to be able to support the young children in daycare with their leaning of numbers, colours and letter. I had a great time getting to know the children and also the supportive teachers.Read more...

Mariane Veloso

Overall Rating

To volunteer in Vietnam was such an amazing experience, it's very gratifying to see how much the kids can improve in such a little time. They are really lovely, full of energy and willing to learn. I'm amazed by how fast we can connect with people and create bonds with them. People in Vietnam are really nice and always trying to help you and doing whatever they can to make you feel comfortable. I'd definitely like to come back to Vietnam in a near future and see how the kids are doing, I'm glad I had this opportunity and enjoyed...Read more...

Juliet Brennan

Overall Rating

Women's empowerment has been one of the most rewarding projects I have been involved with. It has been such a pleasure to meet and work with students who are so motivated to learn.Read more...

Renata Correa Clo

Overall Rating

At first, I was really scared to coming to India all my myself. But as I arrived I realized that there was in fact no reason to be scared at all. I had a unique experience with Idex, got to meet incredible people and will probably never forget the girls I got to work with, the project's staff and my roommates. All amazing people. Thanks for everything Sanguita and Ritu.Read more...


Overall Rating

my experience volunteering was amazing. i loved teaching the children and seeing them happy.Read more...

Kelly Bissett

Overall Rating

I had an amazing time on this trip not only did I get to explore North Goa and some of South Goa but I was also able to spend time with women and young children to help teach them, I would say that was the highlight of my trip seeing them achieving things they didn't think was possible. The staff at the volunteer house also kept us all smiling from morning till night, it didn't matter how tired you were they never fail to put a smile on your faceRead more...

Rachel Rason

Overall Rating

I have been teaching at the Jagatpura programme for the past four weeks, if you think coming to India to volunteer is a holiday it isn't, but you will have lots of fun and make amazing memories which will last you a life time. You will encounter challenges and frustrations, for example, i found making sure i had the right amount of work for the pupils which was relevant to their individual abilities extremely difficult to start, especially as we have around 40 pupils daily turn up to project. But never fear Sangeeta and her team are always on hand...Read more...

Luisa Bauer

Overall Rating

I was volunteering at Monte Hill slum area. In the morning I was teaching english for children. It was so nice to teach the children because they were so helpful and friendly. In the afternoon I was teaching in the women empowerment class. There were women between 18 and 50 years. It is so weird that there a woman with age of 50 who have to learn the alphabet and then there are women who are 18 years old and can speak and write english very well. There was every day a meeting with a teacher. The teacher prepared with...Read more...

Hannah Cummins

Overall Rating

This project involved me and 1 other volunteer, as well as a translator, teaching local Nepali women English, starting with the basic alphabet and then moving on to more conversational language. I have never taught before so thought I wouldn't enjoy it but it was so fun thinking of ways to teach them and was good to see the fast improvement the women have made in my time. We also learnt so much from them, like how they live and some Nepali words. One of the women invited us for lunch at her house on my last day and it...Read more...

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