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Ciara Shorley

Overall Rating

During my 7 weeks in Kathmandu, I taught a women's empowerment class to two groups of women. Although I think I have helped them to improve their English and understand other cultures more deeply, I have definitely learned more from my experience here than I have taught! It's been a truly amazing experience. I enjoyed every minute of my classes and looked forward to them each day. The staff who helped me along the way and the women I taught made my time here unforgettable. I'd highly recommend volunteering on one of the IDEX women's empowerment projects.Read more...


Overall Rating

Really enjoyed my 2 weeks here, I've met some great people and the children at the projects are fantastic!Read more...

Laura Reyes

Overall Rating

Volunteering with IDEX was a pleasure. The volunteer work was extremely rewarding and allowed me to bring my own personality into the teaching program, which was amazing! The experiences outside of the volunteering we're also incredible. I was so well supported by the IDEX team and shown a very authentic experience of Indian culture and life. I couldn't think of a better way to experience India and would recommend IDEX to anyone looking have a volunteer and travel experience!Read more...


Overall Rating

My overall experience has been amazing. Honestly, I couldn't fault a thing. The team at IDEX were so helpful and friendly and they really made me feel at home. I loved my childcare project and the disabled home. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel very appreciated in the areas that I worked in. Would definitely recommend IDEX to everyone.Read more...

Ainhoa Vives Garcia del Real

Overall Rating

These days I was working at the orphanage and it was an amazing experience. Everyone there was so nice with us and make the experience even better. Also the children were amazing and it was really beautiful work with them.Read more...

Fiona Ingla vives-Fierro

Overall Rating

I worked at the orphanage this summer and it was an amazing experience. The kids, always nice and eager to see you, were so open and helpful all the time. Working with them, taking them to school and playing around was lovely. I can't think of a better way to spend my free time. I would recommend it a 100%. It's been unforgettable.Read more...


Overall Rating

I had a wonderful experience. I did a lot in the 4 weeks I was in India and seen the real India. Very friendly and helpful staff at Idex Jaipur.Read more...

Elena Urban

Overall Rating

I was teaching English and Maths in the Elephant Village for 4 weeks and I absolutely loved it! The children were so curious and willing to learn and after the Hindi lesson we got from Idex, we could even manage the language barrier. I enjoyed teaching the children, but also playing with them. The kids are very polite and friendly and I closed them in my heart very quickly, which made it really hard to say goodbye!!! The other teachers in the village are lovely. Ritu and Anil showed me around on my first days and they helped me whenever...Read more...

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Overall Rating

I enjoyed my trip with IDEX in Ho Chi Minh City. The staff is very accommodating. If you ever want to go out for just a night on the town or a weekend getaway they are more than willing to help assist you whether it's by calling you a cab or a travel agency to help you book a trip. I like that they provide meals because it is not only cost effective for me as a traveler and guest in the country, but I am not worried about where it is coming from or how it is being prepared....Read more...

Julia Scheidweiler

Overall Rating

The first day in my work placement I was a bit shocked because it was such a big difference to the animal rescue centers I've known before. After a few days I became really close to the animals and the people I worked with. I learned many things about deceases the animals have to fight with and what it means to be a Vet in India. The first week I spend my time in cleaning ,feeding and talking to the vets. In my second week I learned how to give vaccinations and getting blood from the animals. I can actually...Read more...

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