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Cecilia Zabalgogeazcoa

Overall Rating

great experience regarding everything (people, staff, place, etc)

Miren Berreteaga

Overall Rating

Amazing experience


Overall Rating

I have been in Jaipur for 3 weeks and it was amazing. I work in Mahesh Nagar at the child care project with children between 2-5 years old and I love it. I hope I could come back.Read more...

Natacha Prado Apolinario

Overall Rating

It was a very good experience. I got to know their families and culture. It was a very fulfilling experience I am sure I will never forget. The love I received from the staff and from the children is incredible. I learned a lot about India and also about life values.Read more...

Ines Gortazar

Overall Rating

This summer I' ve been teaching in Gurukul School, India. The children had 3/4 years old and my experience have been AMAZING. The support i' ve received from the stuff was extraordinary as well as the way they have been taking care of each of us. LIKE A FAMILY. I would encourage you to do this trip with IDEX, the accomodation and the help they gave to me couldn' t have been better !Read more...

Sofia de Oriol Ocejo

Overall Rating

These three weeks lived in Jaipur were amazing thank you to Idex organization. Not only I had the opportunity to help, but also I have learned so many things. I had been working in the teaching program, in Gurukul School, the kids were amazing and the love and gratitude I have received has been incredibly high. It is definitely an experience to lived.Read more...

Lucy and Sarah

Overall Rating

It's been amazing to work with people in the local community, both young and old. Idex have given great support in how we are able to help the beneficiaries further and have advised us on activities to do in the area when we have time off. Hopefully we will be able to return one day and see how the people we have helped have been able to grow and improve their skills.Read more...

Lawrence Smith

Overall Rating

From the moment we stumbled out of the airport into the Goan Monsoon we were made to feel welcome here. We arrived just in time for Eid Mubarak and were pulled whole heartedly by the local community into the celebrations. This was the beginning of a fantastic relationship which laid the foundations for our project. In the mornings, I taught computer skills to a small group of enthusiastic, eager girls; some of whom were using a computer for the first time. We also worked on their English and maths skills, and had many laughs throughout. In the afternoons I worked...Read more...

Issy Snouck Hurgronje

Overall Rating

What an incredible experience- I couldn't have asked for anything better. Idex and everyone who works here in beautiful Nepal were all so friendly and eager to help. My project was everything I had hoped, and also gave me a little time in the afternoons to explore Kathmandu. Choose Nepal and Idex if you are looking to work hard and make a difference surrounded by the most amazing scenery and the kindest, most generous people you will ever meet. I can't wait to go back!Read more...

Madison Irene

Overall Rating

Overall working at the Women Empowerment project was probably the hardest, but most rewarding thing I have ever done. The women are absolutely amazing, and despite the fact that they all have varying levels of English and understanding, they all really want to be in the class. One should speak English as either their first language, or very fluently to be of adequate use in this project. One should also be confident and willing to try new things, incorporating creative and fun activities into the lesson. Overall, it is definitely a meaningful project, but one must put a lot of...Read more...

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