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Our Team

Ninad Sharma
Ninad is our co-founder and CEO. Ninad’s role is to make sure that the whole team is energised and doing its best to contribute to the travellers, host communities, and the rest of the world. He is also founder of a global movement called “Make Travel Matter” which is aimed towards putting travel to make for a better world .
Kusum Sharma
Kusum is our co-founder and inspiration for the entire team. Kusum has spent her entire life in the service of others through teaching, social development, and women empowerment. She decided to put her skills from social work and education to create Idex as a vehicle to bring cultures and people around the world together and make an impact on a global scale.
Manoj Singh
Program Manager - Volunteering
Manoj has done Master degree in social work and started his carrier with Nobel peace laureate Mr. Kailash Satyrthi. Since 2005 he has been working at various position in idex and presently he is taking care volunteering program as position of program Manager – volunteering. He has good understanding and experience of international volunteers in different streams and varied locations across of south east Asia including India.
Amit Sharma
Sr. Manager Sales & Marketing.
Amit is in the Marketing & Business Development team at Idex. He has been with Idex for a pretty long time and has managed almost all functions with us. He always strives to provide the best Customer experience to the travellers. As a person, he is really focussed on whatever he does. He loves to travel and believes in exploring new places.
Ramavtar Sahu
Manager Accounts
Ramavtar is passionate for the standardization of the Accounts & Finance System. He is a coordinator, helpful and problem solver for the idex team. He develops systems for smooth working of the company. He like new technology & techniques and interacting with people.
Manprakash Verma
Executive Accounts
He is working in the Accounts team since 6 years. He enjoys his work and provide the accurate data or information required to the other team members. He belives in teamwork and is associated with Idex since 6 years.
Lokesh Dewat
Accounts Executive
He is taking care accounts of idex. Provide data intelligence to the leadership on financial performance of idex. He believes in teamwork and support to accounts team with dedication. He has cooperative nature and cooperates to all colleagues always. He also participates in civil defense activities. He likes travelling at historical and adventure places and making new friends.
Bhagirath Choudhary
Location Coordinator ( Jaipur)
Bhagirath is responsible for overall all activities which is organise in Sri Lanka location . He is managing all queries about project and culture related . He is really enjoying his work with new task and goals. which makes happy to all team members .
Chanypak Mongkon
Location Coordinator ( Thailand)
Start working with IDEX Thailand since December 2015, She is happy to work with IDEX. She is love to exchange culture and try something new. What she always do is to make the value time for volunteers while they are staying here and make them happy and appreciate in overall by Idex organize and take good care of them as well as solving fixing any unexpected issues to make participant happy.
Anil Kumar Vaishnav
Assistant Manager B2C
"To get something you never had in past, do something you never did in past" is the philosophy of Anil. He is taking care of business to customer sales at Idex. He is known for his innovative and out of box ideas. He is a tech-enthusiast and love technology.
Sangeeta Gupta
Location Manager, Provides all the required information and material for the volunteers And Solve each and every problem as soon as possible. he also helps in the work placement of the Volunteers with the related project executive like to interact with volunteer and guide the staff about their job and responsibility.
Krishan Gopal Singh
Operation Executive
Krishan is in the operation team at Idex.He always strives to provide the best Customer experience to the travellers. Ability to build rapport quickly with key members of the executive team.Managing quality assurance of all program.
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