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Code Of Conduct

This code of conduct sets out our expectations of volunteers while at the Idex camp and at work

This code of conduct sets out our expectations of volunteers while at the Idex camp and at work. It is a shorter version of a detailed ‘Code of Conduct’ which participants receive once they become a part of our volunteering projects

Code of Conduct says:

Drugs, Tobacco & Alcohol

  • At Work- Don’t smoke or drink alcohol in the project area. Consumption of alcohol and smoking are prohibited in the project area. Volunteers are perceived as role models for children and smoking or drinking is viewed unfavorably in these communities.
  • At the Camp – Drugs are strictly prohibited at Idex camps.
  • Alcohol: If you drink alcohol, you must do so responsibly. The camp allows alcohol consumption but only in moderation
  • Smoking is permitted at the camps but only in designated areas. Camps don’t allow participants to smoke inside buildings.

Sexual Behavior

  • As in your normal work place, any kind of physical intimacy or sexual contact is strictly prohibited in the Idex camp and at work.
  • Do not flirt or involve yourself in any physical relationship with project staff or camp staff as this could lead to the termination of their employment with Idex.
  • Do not engage in any physical relationship with your fellow volunteers unless you have joined the program as a couple.


  • Do not wear clothes that don’t fit with the local culture and highlight your western descent or higher status inappropriately.
  • We recommend that women cover up as much as possible in the spirit of the local culture to avoid embarrassment to our male staff that come from various parts of India and may not be accustomed to seeing women dressed in skimpy or low-cut tops etc. Do not bare your shoulders or belly unless you are wearing an Indian saree. Your clothes must not be too short, too tight or figure-hugging.

Professional Conduct

  • Working in tandem with your fellow volunteers, abiding by work place regulations and listening to the Project Executive are the minimum expectations.
  • As a responsible volunteer and a role-model for the community, you are expected to be present at your work on time. Please note that it is not so much the responsibility of the Project Executive to mind the timings as much as it is yours.
  • You are expected to comply with the attendance policies at Idex projects.

Use of Recording Devices

  • Using photo or video cameras in the project area is not allowed. Unless, you have a journalist visa, video filming or still photography could lead to complications with local authorities if the subject & purpose is not tourism-related. If you really need to record at work, seek permission from the Project Executive before bringing cameras to work or using it in the community.

Group Communication

  • Respectful Communication: Participants should be courteous when communicating to Idex or work place staff
  • Anger Management: There will be several occasions where you might find it challenging to control your dissatisfaction or emotions. However, as a responsible volunteer you should not take that out on others or shout at people around you.
  • Interaction with different nationalities: You are likely to be with people from a variety of other countries but English is the recommended language at Idex among colleagues or staff members unless one is in a group where another foreign language is understood and spoken by all.


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