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Volunteer and Travel Abroad

Experience authentic culture by volunteer abroad programs and developing yourself and making new friends during travel.


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Travel and Volunteer Abroad

Experience authentic culture by developing yourself and making new friends during travel across Thailand, India, Vietnam, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Travel on fully packaged, safe, affordable, easy to organise trips with lots of activities and adventures along with young people from all over the world.

We are a new and dynamic travel company focused on volunteer abroad as well as creating exciting experience for young people all over the world. Having grown from an ordinary tourist company to giving our tourists more than carriage privileges, we are set to diversify into a more rewarding venture that is tourists-centred in terms of productive volunteering projects.Have you been dreaming of an opportunity to explore the world for positive result without success? Have you been longing to have this unexplainable sense of helping others? Have you been longing for a lasting and a memorable travel experience where your impact will not only be felt but where you can have a sense of fulfilment? The answer is IDEX!…

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